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In transmitting your personal information to our network of debt specialists we ensure your information is safe and secure. Using SSL encryption, your personal data is scrambled in route to our servers and decrypted once it arrives at YourDebtFixer.com.


No waiting in line or going into a physical store

Entering your information on YourDebtFixer.com is easy and secure. In most cases, from the comfort of your home desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet computer you can complete the initial information submission process without going into a store or waiting on hold for someone to speak with you. The process is easy and secure.


Our easy online form takes less than 5 minutes to complete

Our online form is already integrated with multiple debt settlement and debt consolidation specialists. One online request form is all it takes to be connected with a debt specialist that can help you!


  • What's the difference between Debt Settlement and Debt Consolidation?

    Debt settlement reduces your balance. Your debt is negotiated down, and you pay less than you owe. The creditor forgives the remaining balance in a transaction called a settlement. Debt consolidation combines all of your debt into one loan with a single monthly payment, often at a reduced rate of interest. This typically requires a higher credit score for approval.

  • How will I know which is right for me?

    A dedicated debt expert will let you know all your options and the advantages of each – which will help you decide what's best for you.

  • How do debt reduction options through Your Debt Fixer work?

    After you submit your information online we will attempt to connect you with a debt specialist who will review your financial situation with you and attempt to present a customized option based on your total enrolled debt, monthly budget, and overall financial goals. We don't charge any fees and the initial consultation is completely free.

  • Will your program impact my credit score?

    Depending on your personal situation and whether you have already missed payments to your creditors, debt settlement programs may have a negative impact on your credit score. Due to it being a separately regulated service, we do not provide credit repair services or offer advice on ways to improve your credit.

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